The way of multimedia entertainment changes rapidly with the
development of electronic information industry.
Streaming movies, TV series and music online via Netflix,
iTunes, HBO and more is accepted and enjoyed by modern
entertainers in droves. Then many
people and experts claim that physical DVD will soon disappear
just like cassette. But at least for now, it’s just a fantastic
talk. We often see hundreds of DVD discs filing up in drawers
or an entire cabinet at DVD aficionado’s home around. Or we
ourselves have just collected some DVD movies, dramas for years
more or less. No matter what, where there is DVD disc, there is
the requirement for DVD ripping/backup to hard
. This is because:

– Ripping DVD to hard drive helps protect DVDs (esp. the older,
expensive and memorable ones) from being damaged, scratched or
lost, saving much visible space at home at the same time.
– Storing physical DVD library into hard drive in digital
format endows owners more freedom to enjoy them on smart
devices (e.g iPhone, iPad, Android, HDTV) conveniently.

Best Freeware to Rip DVD to Hard Drive

Speaking of free ripping DVD, the first thing many DVD owners
come up with must be uber-popular open-source software
HandBrake. Absolutely, HandBrake is able to free rip general
and CSS-locked DVDs to MP4/MKV. But take note that it can only
unscramble and free rip CSS-ed DVDs with the help of another
file called “libdvdcss”. In other words, ripping DVDs guarded
by other copy protection schemes like region code, RCE,
Sony ARccOS, UOPs
and Disney DRM are
beyond HandBrake’s ability. So why not turn to a more powerful
and dedicated DVD ripper like WinX DVD Ripper



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WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is a DVD ripping expertise focusing on
converting store-bought or rent DVDs for over 8 years. Before
learning how to rip DVD to hard drive for free with WinX DVD
Ripper Platinum, let’s firstly take a deep look inside to
figure out why it’s an ideal choice.

● It’s able to rip DVD of any kinds.

Homemade DVD is the basic type WinX DVD Ripper Platinum
supports. And by constant upgrades with the change of DVD
market, it now handles well with movie DVDs, TV series
DVDs, fitness DVDs, music DVDs
and more DVDs built in
with any copy protection schemes mentioned above, including the
most complicated Disney DRM – adopted widely
by Disney, Paramount, Warner etc. When ripping Disney DRM
encrypted DVDs with general rippers, it may scramble the
scenes, place them in random order, or get the DVD
ripping process stuck. While WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can throw
all those matters away, finishing Disney DRM DVD ripping task
smoothly by analyzing, accessing and choosing right main title
from multiple ones (up to 99) at one go. Most importantly, it
still gives solution to ripping scratched, cracked and
unplayable DVDs.

● It can rip DVD to any formats and devices.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum offers 350+ rich and clear output
profile options involving both digital formats and smart
devices. Veteran users can directly choose to rip DVD to MP4,
AVI, MOV, WMV, MPEG, M2TS, MP3 etc., while the green hands are
suggested to choose end DVD playback facilities like iPhone
(X/8), iPad (Pro), Samsung Galaxy (S8/Note 8), Huawei (Mate
10), PSP and Xbox One. The default settings for every output
profile will keep a well balance between file size and image
quality. But if you prefer rip DVD with no compression and
quality loss, DVD backup modes are also provided for copying
main/full title or cloning DVD to ISO Image/DVD folder.

● The DVD ripping process is accelerated at

Transcoding media file by software itself is a little bit
slower than utilizing computer hardware. So WinX DVD Ripper
Platinum was updated in early 2017 to start to support hardware
acceleration. To be specific, it enhances the DVD ripping speed
and performance greatly by making the utmost of
Multi-core/Intel CPU and Nvidia
on computer, reaching up to 500 FPS at which speed
a piece of DVD disc can be ripped out in only 5 minutes.

● DVD video editing feature is provided

Basic DVD ripping function helps digitalize DVD-Video in its
original state. And advanced DVD video editor makes digital
video more special. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum allows to choose
audio channel and subtitle at will, disable or add local SRT
subtitle to top/center/bottom position as you like,
crop video to remain the wanted area only,
trim video to just keep the favorite segment,
and merge titles to combine them into a single
file. Besides, video resolution and aspect ratio are also
adjustable for displaying on various screens.

How to Free Rip DVD to Hard Drive with WinX DVD Ripper

Obtain the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum
free giveaway
now, install it on your Windows (10)
PC and free rip DVD by following the guide below:

how to rip dvd


1. Insert DVD disc into computer’s DVD drive, and open WinX DVD
Ripper Platinum.
2. Click “DVD Disc” icon to select source DVD and click OK to
proceed. (Generally, you don’t need to change the default
setting of DVD Disc File System Type unless you know it
3. Choose media format like “MP4 Video” as the output profile
and click OK to go ahead.
4. New Disney X-project DRM mechanism will be detected and
shown here in a small dialog box if there is. Jump over it and
do video editing and destination folder locating if
5. Tap blue round “RUN” button to fast and rip DVD to hard
drive for free with WinX DVD Ripper Platinum.


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